Why Women’s Mentoring is Just the Beginning

Why Women’s Mentoring is Just the Beginning

Last Sunday we launched its first semester of Emmaus Women’s Mentoring. Emmaus Women’s Mentoring is a semester based ministry where multiple groups of 3 women meet together throughout the week to study the Bible in order to know God and apply the truth to their lives. In our first semester we have seen over 30 women sign up to take this journey with us!

At its kickoff on Sunday, Tish Hedger shared the vision for Emmaus Women’s Mentoring.

“The primary goal of our mentoring groups is to grow in our love for God through the study of his word. My dream is that our church would become a church teeming with women who feel confident in their ability to read and understand the word of God.

The desire of our pastors is that the women of Emmaus might be equipped to embrace their giftings and flourish in their callings. In order to do that we must be Women of the Word.

My hope is that this semester would be the beginning of a work in our church among the women. That women would feel empowered and emboldened to minister. Some of you have ideas and dreams right now that our church body needs. And all of you have gifts that the Holy Spirit has given you to use on behalf of the church. Some of you are gifted to teach and you don’t know it yet or you are terrified because you’ve have felt a beckoning towards teaching. We need each of you. We need each other.”

This is truly the hope and desire of our pastors; that we would see an army of women rise up in our church. We desire to see an army of women who love the scriptures and love the Jesus of the scriptures. We desire to see an army of women equipped to be missional mothers, community missionaries, leaders in our city and in our church, missionaries to other nations, disciple-makers of other women, and teachers of the scriptures.

Emmaus Women’s Mentoring is just the beginning because this is not just a programmatic women’s ministry idea; this is a missional movement aimed at seeing God glorified and churches multiplied by declaring and displaying the gospel.

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