Why do we Spend Time and Money on a Pastoral Residency?

Why do we Spend Time and Money on a Pastoral Residency?

Emmaus Church exists to see God glorified and churches multiplied  by declaring and displaying the gospel.

That is our mission statement at Emmaus. This statement is why we planted Emmaus. It’s why we do what we do and how we decide what we will do. There are 3 main parts to this statement. We’ll explain the entire mission statement in another blog post, but for this post, we are focused on one part; churches multiplied.

A major part of our purpose as a church is to see churches multiplied. What does this mean? Well, it starts with our church. We want to see the people of Emmaus discipled and equipped to declare and display the gospel, disciple other followers of Jesus and ultimately see the number of followers of Jesus multiplied. When we see followers of Jesus multiplied, this should lead to new churches. More Christians should equal more churches. We believe that the book of Acts demonstrates to us that were people become followers of Jesus, churches start and where churches start, people follow Jesus. We want to be part of seeing these churches multiplied both in Kansas City and around the world.

How does this answer the question, “Why do we Spend Time and Money on a Pastoral Residency”?

If we truly want to see churches multiplied, then we must see pastors multiplied. Churches need pastors who will sacrificially and passionately lead them to know, love, and share Jesus. 

With this belief, we have labored to develop a robust training opportunity for pastors that we call Train. Train is a 2 year residency where men who desire to pastor spend extensive time reading, writing and discussing with each other and our pastors so that they may grow in three areas: their heart (love of Jesus and character), their head (knowledge of scripture and wisdom), and their hands (skills needed to pastor and lead a church).

Through Emmaus’ generosity of time and finances, we have begun training a dozen future pastors already.

josh hedgerJoshua Hedger is the Pastor of Preaching & Vision at Emmaus Church. He is married to Tish and they have an adopted teen daughter and a biological toddler son. Joshua has served in several other ministry roles including Director of Church Planting at Midwestern Seminary, planting another church, a youth pastor, and as a missionary in West Africa. 

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