Walk Carefully

Walk Carefully

I recently went for a walk on some property that my sister and her husband purchased outside of Branson. If you know that terrain, you know it’s hilly, rocky and very full of trees. As our family walked through the land and dreamed of a few years from now when they would build a home, I found myself awestruck at my son’s enjoyment of the woods. You know you live in a city when your son sees a pile of leaves and loses his mind in joy!

He ran and jumped and dove and dug. He was messy and covered in dirt, just like little boys should be. We captured a lot of good photos from that day and made a lot of memories. But one photo that my father captured stole my heart and sealed a lesson into my soul. The picture below is one of my son, following in my footsteps. If you look at the photo closely, you’ll see that he is looking where I’m looking and he is stepping with the same foot I am stepping with, walking the same way that I am walking. The words saturated my soul, “Walk carefully, little feet follow”.  It was true on that mountain side as we walked over leaves, rocks and sticks. But it is even more true in life as my son looks to me to see how to walk through life.

Parents, today watch how you walk. Take careful steps. Make wise decisions. Walk closely with Jesus. Step humbly and run with perseverance; little feet follow.

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  1. Josh, your feet are the “little feet” that followed the Godly steps of your father and now lead as he led. What a joy it is to witness your journey.


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