Sunday, November 12 Ordination

Sunday, November 12 Ordination

On Sunday we ordained five men. These five men weren’t installed as pastors of Emmaus, but were ordained by our pastors confirming they have seen their qualifications and aspiration to eldership in their lives, and that they have the confidence these five men are qualified and able to serve as pastors in a church.

Pastors shepherd the flock, humbly exercise oversight and lead in confession, repentance, gentleness, patience and faithfulness to Christ. Our Pastoral Training program is designed to train men up to do just that. But Emmaus elders are not the only ones who have trained these five men toward pastoral ministry. They have learned so much by singing, confessing, serving, mourning, rejoicing and communing with Emmaus members. Emmaus, YOU have helped train these men, and we celebrate their aspiration to pastoral ministry by affirming them through ordination.

Congratulations to Glen Higgins, Colton Strother, Michael Kinion, Chad Hensley and Jason Westman!

Watch Sunday’s sermon and ordination here.

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