Letter from an Emmaus Collegiate Missionary

My voice is one that speaks forgiveness in Jesus, peace with our Father, and a place for all, including those heavy laden. But I cannot do this alone, not logistically, not emotionally and spiritually. If you are interested in supporting me and the work on campus, there are a few ways that you can be a part of what God is doing at Park University.

Joy to the World

You see, from the beginning, even after people brought sin into the world, God had a plan to make his lordship known among the nations. To “rule the world” and put His glory on display. Not just one ethnic group, but the nations. He is jealous for the glory of the nations.

Why We Are Planting in Seattle

As we look at what really matters in this life it is easy to boil it down to these two things: the glory of God and the mission of God. So then how do these two great truths run together compelling Christ followers to forsake ease and comfort to launch into unfamiliar places?

Creating Christ Centered Hospitality

Pray that the Lord will open your heart and eyes for more intentional, sacrificial and missional opportunities with visitors in order to show the love and hospitable heart of Jesus Christ. For this is true hospitality.

To Italy with the Gospel

One year ago this month, Emmaus embarked on her first ever international mission trip by sending two of our members on a vision trip with a team to northeast Italy to see what God might be calling us to do in order to see God glorified and churches multiplied in Italy.

Declare and Display // Syrian Family Update

Every Thursday we post a blog designed to equip Emmaus to declare the gospel and communicate opportunities for us to display the gospel in our city. This week we have an update from Emmaus member Elizabeth Sanders on a refugee family Emmaus has been helping.

Emmaus Church exists to see God glorified and churches multiplied by declaring and displaying the gospel. This blog is meant to be a resource to help our people declare and display the gospel to themselves, their families, friends, community and the world.

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