Husband, Your Wife Needs Your Theology

Husbands, your wives need you to deeply know the Lord and his ways. She needs you to think critically about the gospel. She needs you to have sat in awe at the depth of Christ and be ready with all your might to show and lead her to the truth.

Do you have a family mission statement?

There are things we want to do as a family. We want to spend our days and our nights on purpose. We want to be a family that grows to love Jesus together, that spends our time serving each other and serving others. If marriage is a covenant of sacrificial loving and serving, then so is family.

10 Lessons from 9 Years of Marriage

This week I celebrate my nine-year wedding anniversary. As a result of getting married young, a big part of our journey has been growing up together. When I got married I thought that I was a secure and godly woman. Though it took little time for newlywed whiplash to set in as God revealed selfishness and pride that needed to be wrecked in my heart.

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