Kiss and Tell – An Emmaus Counseling Marriage Seminar

Kiss and Tell – An Emmaus Counseling Marriage Seminar

The couple stood at the altar with eyes locked on each other. They were just moments away from becoming man and wife. Nothing mattered more in that moment than the love they shared for each other. 

Fast forward 11 years to a different time. His eyes are downcast and hers are filled with tears of sadness. He has just admitted to an affair. The vow they made on that day 11 years prior seemed to all of a sudden feel like an empty promise. 

Fast forward a few years more. Their eyes are locked on each other once again. This time, there is a sense of trust and peace that flows between them as they share their hearts and lives together. The gospel is central in their marriage and it has everything to do with the rebuilding of their relationship. “To God be the glory” they gladly proclaim for indeed, it is only through his grace that they can look each other in the eyes with a love that is rooted in something much deeper than what they found on their wedding day.

This couple is not just some fictitious example of how marriages can be destroyed. It is not an attempt to scare engaged couples on their way down the aisle. We tell you this story because this is a true story from one of our own.

An Emmaus couple has walked this difficult road. While their marriage is well on the way to renewal, the main issues that led to the downfall of their marriage mostly centered around communication and sex.

In our very first Emmaus Counseling Marriage Seminar, “Kiss and Tell,” you will get to hear from this couple as well as our Emmaus Counselors and a small panel of married couples. 

It is our hope that you will walk away with a renewed sense of how the gospel deeply impacts your marriage, day in and day out. However, we also want you to walk away with some practical tools and insights so that your marriage can flourish for the sake of the gospel. 

Will you and your spouse consider joining us? 

Our counselors, Tish Hedger and Jesse Masson, will be presenting on intimate topics of communication and sex. God designed marriage to be enjoyable, intimate, and to reflect His glory. Since these issues continue to be primary reasons for marriage counseling, this seminar will focus on professional views, biblical truths, and practical steps to help build (or rebuild) the necessary foundations for your healthy marriage.

This marriage seminar is open to the community, for engaged or married couples looking to improve their intimacy. The seminar format will allow opportunities for questions and interactions. 


When: Saturday, March 11 (9am-12:30pm)

Where: Emmaus Church (NO childcare provided)

Cost: $5/couple (Registration closes March 6)

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