On Congregational Lamentation (New Song)

If a Christian lamentation is nothing else, it is a longing gaze heavenward—it is a grief and discontentment for the present death and destruction the Adam’s sin occasioned, and it is the expectation for what God promised: that our eyes will be wiped of our tears and our broken hearts will be bound up.

Be a Lifelong, Humble Learner

Keep learning. Humble yourself, place yourself under those who are wiser, more experienced, and even simply a peer, and give them permission to teach you, to point out areas that need strengthened, and to encourage you in areas you are flourishing. Be a humble, lifelong learner.

The gospel for teachers

Becoming “the perfect teacher” is a task no one on earth will ever accomplish. The reality of the situation is that we are all imperfect sinners who will fail every single day.

Denying but not Denied

Jesus went to the cross, was killed and buried. A few days passed. I wonder if anyone else knew of Peter’s denial. Did he keep it a secret and suffer in shame and remorse all alone? What a weight that guilt must have been upon his chest, nearly suffocating him at times.

6 Characteristics of a Gospel-Centered Man

A man who is not teachable is a dangerous man. Men make mistakes. Men sin. Men don’t know everything. We should be teachable. We should not only allow others to teach us, we should look for others to teach us, hungering after the knowledge and wisdom that can be shared.

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