Declare and Display // Syrian Family Update

Declare and Display // Syrian Family Update

Every Thursday we post a blog designed to equip Emmaus to declare the gospel and communicate opportunities for us to display the gospel in our city. This week we have an update from Emmaus member Elizabeth Sanders on a refugee family Emmaus has been helping.

I was contacted about a Syrian refugee family being resettled in the Northland and was made aware of some of their needs. These needs were brought before the members of Emmaus. There are 5 members of the family, and each community group chose one family member to provide for. Some of the items provided ranged from coats, gloves, scarves, gift cards to baby dolls and soccer balls. Not only did the community of Emmaus respond, but the larger church as a whole in the KC metro provided for them.

Currently, Courtney Allen and I try to spend time weekly with the family.  We help them with logistical needs, but mostly we just spend time in their home drinking tea and sharing life. As we’ve grown to know them more, we have learned more of their story.  We learned they are from Damascus, their home was completely destroyed, they have had family die in the conflict, and most of their family remains in Syria. They have witnessed unimaginable devastation. Courtney has been able to share many Bible stories with them and found out that the father has a copy of an Arabic Bible and has been reading it!

Adjusting to the USA from a vastly different culture comes with many challenges. However, this family is incredibly resilient.  Their children are attending school and learning English quickly.  They all miss Syria but are grateful to be here.  The parents are attending English classes, but their English skills are minimal which has caused some difficulties regarding employment. The father works in a factory, but the mother is having trouble finding a job.  She was a hairdresser before moving to Kansas City, but in order for her to practice here, she must be certified which means she needs to speak English and save enough money for the schooling.

How can Emmaus serve?

The family has had some temporary financial assistance which will not continue for much longer. Some of the ways that Emmaus could continue to serve them would be through providing items such as gift cards, groceries and help with rent. An area of concern and matter of prayer is that they are in need of a car so they can independently access the community.

How can Emmaus pray?

Pray that they would learn to thrive in this new culture as they adjust and learn English.  Pray that the gifts they have been given would point them to the gift of the Gospel.  Pray that as they process and seek healing from all they have undergone, they would begin to ask questions like “Where is God? Is Islam really true?” Pray that they would ultimately turn to Jesus and the veil over their hearts would be removed to see Him for who He truly is: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

If you’d like more information or are interested in giving financially to the family, email Elizabeth Sanders at

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