Volunteering at Emmaus

Every week, so many volunteers commit their time and energy to things of Emmaus. Below are a few opportunities for new members to jump on board with the many volunteer teams at Emmaus Church.

Why We Joined Acts 29

When we say we are an A29 church, we are saying something about our theology, our missiology and our philosophy; we are making a statement about our cultural identity.

Meaningful Church Membership at Emmaus

At Emmaus we wish to cultivate an understanding of membership that does justice to both the actual benefits and the responsibilities that are inherent with church membership. Membership is neither casual nor selfish, but is instead an intentional, selfless giving of oneself to a church family.

Emmaus Church exists to see God glorified and churches multiplied by declaring and displaying the gospel. This blog is meant to be a resource to help our people declare and display the gospel to themselves, their families, friends, community and the world.

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