A recap of our membership meeting

A recap of our membership meeting

This was written yesterday shortly after our members meeting. 

Dear Emmaus,

As I write this, I am sitting in my living room, with the window opened ever so slightly, so as not to let out the cold air, but to let in the sound of rain and thunder. As I sit here, drinking my coffee (yes, it’s full-caf b/c I’m a freak of nature and caffeine does nothing to me), writing emails to visitors who joined us today, and listening to the rain, I am asking God to allow us to see the gospel saturate the northland with an overwhelming response to Jesus. I want to see lost people saved! Thank you for being a church that wants to see lives changed by the gospel of Jesus.

Today was a wonderful day of worship, word, and fellowship. I am always blessed to see you stand around and engage each other in conversations long after the services are finished. Your genuine love for each other is breathtaking.

Thank you for your time this afternoon to stay at Emmaus for members meeting. I hope that the churches gift of buying you lunch shows our gratitude to you for staying around and also provided you time to continue to fellowship with each other. Thank you as well for allowing us to have our children join us today. I do believe the highlight of the entire day for me, was sitting on the edge of the stage with a bag of candy, passing it out to the kids following the service. As each of your children came forward, I prayed that Jesus would draw them and overwhelm them with his grace and that their lives would be spent on bringing him glory.

I wanted to shoot you a note this week as a follow-up to our meeting to make sure that we all heard the information being shared and are on the same page moving forward.

God is growing Emmaus

Over the last 3 weeks, we have averaged 171 in worship attendance and we have over 100 adults signed up for community groups. This is up from 135 average and 80 adults in community groups in the spring. This growth is exciting and it is good. We want to be a church that God uses to reach the northland with the gospel.

As a result of this growth, we want to ask you to sit forward and “in” in the worship times. This will help us make more room for visitors and late-comers.


Emmaus Kids is growing!
Last week Emmaus Kids had 52 children on Sunday morning! That is a lot of kids for a church our size. Our kids are also growing. We are hearing great stories about how our kids are really grasping the gospel! Thank you to Victor and Hannah Irving and to Tabitha Rainwater for your leadership in our kids area!

Here are 3 big announcements regarding Emmaus Kids:

1. If you are indifferent to where you serve at Emmaus, we’d ask that you sign up for kids! If you have no idea how you can be of use in our kids ministry, then email tabitha@emmausk.com to find out! As our kids ministry grows, we need leaders and volunteers to help us declare and display the gospel to our children.

2. In the coming weeks, we will be making a change in our kids ministry on Sundays: 3rd – 5th graders will no longer go back to Emmaus Kids, but will stay in the service. We believe that our kids in this age range can engage and learn from our worship and preaching. We believe that in the end, it will be better for them to see and experience their parents and the adults in our church love Jesus on Sunday mornings in corporate worship.

3. Will we replace this time of investment with something else? Yes! Beginning in September, Emmaus Kids and Emmaus Students will begin to have monthly events that will help us to build community and declare the gospel to our kids. Please pay attention to the Emmaus blog and social media for more information coming very soon from the Emmaus Kids team!


Emmaus Counseling has launched!
We believed that there was a great need in the northland for biblically based and clinically trained counseling, offering holistic approaches to healing for people in our community. Emmaus Counseling announced it’s launch 2 weeks ago and our two counselors already combine for 29 clients! Both Emmaus members, and people from our community are seeking help and we are there to help! If you would like to talk with one of our counselors, you can find more information on here or here.

If you know someone who could benefit from counseling, then refer them to us! We’d love to serve them.


Community Groups – belonging, discipleship, and commission
Emmaus Community Groups exist to see the people of Emmaus experience gospel-centered belonging, discipleship, and commission with one another for the glory of God. If you are not part of a community group, then email brandon@emmauskc.com today to get signed up!

In a healthy community group, you will feel safe, known, accepted, loved, and served. We strive for our groups to all be healthy and help you experience these characteristics.

New groups are forming and old ones are starting fresh this month.

If you are a leader, would like to be a leader, or are considering possibly being a leader, we’d invite you to join us on September 25th for a leaders training. At this meeting, you will learn what it requires to lead, what’s expected of our leaders, how you can practically lead well. Email brandon@emmauskc.com for more information.


Italy Update
Emmaus has agreed to partner with Freshwater Church in Bolivar, Mo in Padova Italy in order to see God glorified and churches multiplied by declaring and displaying the gospel in Italy. We will be getting more details of upcoming trips and how to pray to you soon.


The Emmaus Worship team needs musicians

If you are a musician and you are interested in leading the church in worship alongside our worship team, then email sam@emmauskc.com


Pastoral Residency Applications are due
If you are interested in our two-year residency for training as pastors, then apply online here:

Interviews will be the week of October 17.


The Next Membership Process
If you know someone who is visiting Emmaus and should take the next step into covenant membership, let them know that we begin the process in October. Sign up for that will be available soon.


Pastor Kevin’s Announcement
Today, Pastor Kevin announced that God is leading his family to move back to Springfield, MO. This move has been known by and fully supported by the elders of Emmaus since March. God has overwhelmed the Strattons with his faithfulness to provide for his calling. We hate to see them leave, and our hearts grieve the loss of a friend and pastor, but we celebrate God’s calling and the Stratton’s obedience. We will have a party in November to send the Stratton’s away in love and on mission.

Pastor Kevin and Carey will be leaving Emmaus officially Thanksgiving week.

Emmaus, we love you and we are praying for you this week! Live your life to see God glorified and churches multiplied, by declaring and displaying the gospel to all peoples.


  1. Dear Emmaus Church,

    I just want to encourage you all to continue doing what you’re doing. I’m unfortunately unable to live in Kansas City at this time and so am only able to visit your church when I visit my kids. But I follow your website and blogs. I’m very encouraged by all that you offer and the way you go about looking to God and honoring him. I look forward to visiting you when I am there in December. Thank you so much and may God continue to bless you and guide you for His endeavors.

    • Thank you so much for this Helen! What an encouragement you are to us!


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