3 missional things you should do on Super Bowl Sunday

3 missional things you should do on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is coming up. If you’ve embraced the gospel as your only hope then you are part of God’s mission. I know it seems weird to think of the Super Bowl and “mission” in the same sentence. But it’s actually a very appropriate pairing. Mission is not an activity. It’s an identity for any Christ follower. So in preparation for a very (very) cultural event in our society, I give you 3 easy things you can do on Super Bowl Sunday to be on mission for the gospel:

  1. Invite neighbors and friends over to watch it with you.Make it fun.  Make (or buy) good food and invite people to bring their own if you wish. Don’t over-spiritualize it.Spiritual conversations will come. They may not come during the game, but if you’re intentional about pursuing the people who come to your Super Bowl party, trust that God is going to open the door for you to talk about deeper things. Be a good friend during the Super Bowl. Ask questions about their lives: where they are from, where they want to college, etc. Just maybe don’t talk during the commercials or big plays. Don’t be “that” person. Let your friends enjoy the game.
  2. Go to a Super Bowl party. Were you invited to a friend’s party who does not know Christ? Go! Sometimes the best thing to do is NOT create your own party. Sometimes it makes more sense to go to a friend’s party. This shows them that you are a part of their world and that you care about them. When you enter into someone else’s world it shows that you’re open to discussion. Use this as a means to get into spiritual discussions. Of course, use discretion. Will there be things at the party that you’re uncomfortable with? Will you be tempted to sin? If so, then by all means, invite a friend to serve as accountability for you or don’t go at all. However, if the person who has invited you is a coworker or neighbor that you already trust as a friend and you’ve been praying for opportunities to share the gospel with him/her, go. Go be in their world and pray for opportunities.
  3. Invite internationals into your home to watch the game and eat typical American food. This is a huge culture event and for them to be invited into your home is a great way to be hospitable. Internationals will likely be far more willing to talk about things during the game, too. So make the most of conversations! You can even ask them what they think of your culture. “What did you think of that half-time show?” “Do you think Americans worship football?” “What do people in your country worship? What do you worship?” And the list goes on and on.

Bonus:  Ignore the Super Bowl all together and make it an event. It may be hard to believe but there are actually a lot of people who don’t watch the Super Bowl Party. (Gasp!) If you’re one of those people, find others who are like you and have fun! Invite them over for dinner and an evening of games or movies.

Again, all of this is part of a bigger picture of mission. You’re building relationships. You’re making connections. You’re learning more about these people. Pray before the party. Pray that you will be discerning as you engage in conversation. Pray that your relationships will grow so that in the future you can go deeper. The Super Bowl is really just a game. And commercials. And food. But God can use it to advance His gospel and we should be willing to join Him on that mission.

What about you? What are some things you do to be intentional with the Super Bowl?

julie massonJulie is a social media strategist, blogger and the Director of Communications at Emmaus. She is married to Jesse and they have 3 children, one of whom was born in Madrid, Spain during their time with the International Mission Board.  

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